What are conversion landing pages and why are they so important with Google Ads?

Understanding the Conversion Funnel Process

Landing pages are by far the best way to generate leads, PPC Fusion specializes in mostly phone call generation landing pages for local businesses; however, we have many landing page options that can drive traffic for instance to a signup form.

Because Google Ads has the capability of qualifying your business prospects, sending them to a page that has the highest chances of making them call you, is needed.

Before we dive into “what is a landing page”, it’s important to understand the mechanics behind a sales funnel. With PPC Fusion’s unique service, the top of the funnel would be Googles Ads, triggering for search terms associated with your chosen keywords. The next level would be the landing page which is designed to funnel a prospect all the way down to your phones, which would be the bottom of the sales funnel.

Phase One

A sales funnel is generally divided into 3 phases, at the top of the funnel we have potential prospects that are Googling their way around the internet and are interested in your service, but not ready to make a decision or commitment to purchase. They are just looking around for the best options. It’s human, we all do it because we all want the best price and highest quality or standards.

Phase Two

The next level down of the sales funnel represents prospects that have seen your service as well as your competitions and ready to buy, but they want to why they should consider using your service or product. What’s special about you? what’s your USP? Level 2 is about convincing them to call and where landing pages work a treat.

Phase Three

So, we come to the bottom of our sales funnel and the best cheeriest place to be! The bottom represents prospects that have made the decision to use your service or buy your product, you received the phone call and they said yes! Well done your sales funnel landing page just sent a qualified prospect to your phone, and you finished off by closing the sale!

Why Use Landing Pages With Google Ads?

Are you always looking for ways to increase phone calls and conversions with your Google Ad marketing campaigns? Maybe you’re wanting to gather more contact details in the most proficient way possible? If yes, PPC Fusion has the perfect solution using a unique landing page service that provides one of the most effective ways of driving high conversion rates. In fact, studies have shown that landing pages can increase calls to your business by up to 50%.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single page that is built for one core objective; conversion. A highly effective landing page is designed, developed and written with that one goal in mind. When designed well, a landing page can significantly increase phone calls and conversions when used alongside a professionally managed Google Ad campaign.

Instead of directing prospects to your general website where they are likely to have a hard time finding what they are looking for, you can direct them to a specially designed landing page that follows their search intent. Search intent means if they are looking for “Dentists in Chicago, the Google Ad will have the search term in the header. When a prospect clicks, they land on a page that has a big heading saying “Dentists in Chicago”. This confirms to them they have found what they want. If they were looking for “Dentists in New York” they will be sent to a landing page for this search term. if there are 30 target keywords in a Google Ad campaign, then there will be around 30 unique landing pages all following the search intent of that keyword. This dramatically increases conversion and phone calls.

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

A homepage and a landing page are two totally different entities. A homepage is more of a general information center. It is the “node where your visitors find the things they are looking for but need to move around a website to find what they want.  The home page links to several company-related pages, including your services, your “About Us”, your contact information and your testimonials.

Most importantly is that a homepage is not designed to convert a single objective. It is built to cater for several products or services and drive people to want to learn more.

A landing page has only one single purpose and one central conversion event opportunity such as the call to action. Landing pages are greatly simplified compared to a website homepage; landing pages have very specific objectives and do not include any superfluous information that could distract your leads and prevent them from converting. They only follow the intent of the prospect.

What are landing pages used for?

Google Ads and Landing Pages

Most businesses that use Google Ads send all the traffic to the homepage of their website, this is not an ideal thing to do and here is why.  As mentioned before, a website’s homepage may have links to 100 products or services, so someone searching for “blue velvet shoes” on your home-page now has to search for the page that sells “blue velvet shoes”.  People don’t like searching and chances are they will bounce or leave the website. Baam, you lost a sale!

A Google Ad campaign that qualifies prospects and sends them to a landing page just for “blue velvet shoes” is much more likely to convert into a purchase. This is why a well managed Google Ad campaign and landing pages working together can be a game changer for businesses.

Generating only phone calls

The most common landing pages PPC Fusion uses for small businesses are phone call driven. This means there are no contact forms, no outbound links, just large phone number headings placed at certain points down the landing page. These types of pages only make phones ring and are great for local targeting. With call only landing pages its possible to set up a Google campaign to run at very specific times, or, if a business has 24-hour phone lines we can run these landing pages 24 hours a day.

As a temporary website or a way to test the market

If your website is still under construction, you can build a landing page to stand in for the website so that you are still able to capture leads. Another great way landing pages can be utilized is with the ability to test certain products and services away from your main website.

You can also create a landing page for special promotions. Although you can create a page on your site for promotions, a landing page is more goal-oriented, direct, and contains only the necessary information for conversions.

Lead generation

Lead generation landing pages’ main goal is to gather data about your visitors. Their goal is to get personal info such as name, contact details like email and any other data that you can use later on to connect with and sell to your prospect. This landing page usually includes form fields that you can use to section, personalize and nurture your prospects.

What elements make up a landing page?


This is probably one of the key parts of a landing page. It is the part that gives insight into the entire landing page and follows the intent of the prospect or visitor.  Without this search intent driven headline, your landing page will have lesser chances of conversions or calls.

Headlines should be written in the biggest font to stand out from the other content on the page. PPC Fusion also uses subheadings with compelling Call To Actions, which entice the prospect further down the landing page funnel.


Create a copy that is relatively short, but fully explains the benefit of your service or product. You can write the benefits in bullet points or create a short summary of your product’s benefits. When writing out the benefits, always choose the most alluring and marketable ones. The goal is to make the prospect believe that they cannot live without your offerings.


Some landing pages only require users to provide their email address, whereas some have longer, more demanding forms that users should fill out before moving to the next step. If you only want to collect additional information, make sure you do not overwhelm people with questions. The longer your form, the higher your risk of losing a conversion. So, think about the information that is most essential to you and only seeks to gather that. You can also consider creating a shorter form of questions, which you can follow up with an email. This gives you a chance to capture your lead and then collect more data in the future communications you will have.

Images or videos

A landing page wouldn’t be complete without adding visuals. Humans are naturally visual beings. Giving them professionally done photos of your merchandise or just an intriguing image will help keep them a little longer on your landing page. You can also include a short high-quality video that shows prospects how you work.

Social links to your landing page

Never miss a chance to endorse your social media networks. This includes your landing page. This way, even if a potential customer does not convert, they might end up liking your Facebook page or following you on Instagram before converting later on.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness and recognition should be at the top of your company’s priority. Although the primary goal of this page is conversion, you should always focus on brand awareness, recognition, and consistency. PPC Fusion designs every landing page in your brand images.  We look at your website and take all the best bits and combine them into bespoke landing pages that reflect your business

What makes a landing page most effective?

An effective landing page is crucial for a successful Google Ads online marketing campaign. There are a few elements you should adhere to to ensure your landing page is working efficiently for you;

Limited navigation

Having successfully targeted traffic using Google Ads, prospects have landed on a page where they may take action, do not distract them! Limit the number of exits so that your prospects can focus on making the purchase or filling out that form. Never deviate from the main intent of the landing page. never overwhelm or mislead.

Deliver value

If you deliver value, visitors will willingly provide their contact details to access the offer. So ensure your landing page demonstrates value to your target audience.


The longer and complex your landing page is; the more friction you add to the lead conversion process. Keeping landing page short and to the point is essential.

Mobile friendly

Since almost 50% of all web activity comes from mobile phones, it’s crucial a landing page is mobile friendly. PPC Fusion provides 3 versions of a landing page, all slightly different. Firstly, the desktop version, a tablet version and lastly a mobile version. Mobile landing page differ slightly from desktop and tablet because they include direct “click to call now” buttons, providing an even easier way for a prospect to call you


Landing Pages for Google Ads Marketing

Fast load times

Increase your landing page’s speed time to minimize the bounce rate. People hate waiting for a page to load and Google hates it even more. If a page is slow to load it also affects the Google Ad campaign, attributing to higher bid prices.

Easy to use

Never deviate from the intent of the visitor. Keep everything simple

Call to action

This is possibly the single most important part of any landing page.  A clear and bold call to action could be for example “Click here for the best deals”, “Unbeatable value for money! don’t delay call today”, “What you waiting for”, save big with our monthly promotion”.  Call to actions are a lure, and clever use of them can really make a difference.

Your call to action should be especially tied to your end goal and be reinforced by everything else on the landing page.

A/B split testing

Did you know that you can split test your landing page? A split test is trying out two different versions to see which one works best. So introducing a few changes every month to a previous version of a landing page and them running them together, lets us see which is the best performer. The most productive landing page stays and the old landing page is replaced. This is an ongoing thing and part of the overall service PPC Fusion provides.

At PPC Fusion, we strive to ensure that our clients get the highest return on their investment by creating stellar Google Ad campaigns and high conversion landing pages that not only increase conversions by 50% but also to save you over 60% of your monthly PPC budget on clicks that never lead to calls. Our clever Google ads and search keyword blocking allow us to qualify your business prospects before they even reach your website’s landing page.

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