PPC Fusion provides everything needed for your business to tap into local prospects looking for your services using Google Search.

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One Simple Solution

PPC Fusion provides several options depending on your business requirements. The most popular program we offer is with landing pages to create a fully controllable marketing funnel. If you want traffic to your website and not use landing pages, PPC Fusion can run just the Google Ads monthly management.

Our Google Ad Management & Landing Page Combination Includes;

Google Ad Management

  • Time tested Google Ad campaigns.
  • Huge negative keyword lists that qualify your prospects.
  • Well written Google Ads using “Call to Actions”.
  • Monthly split testing on all Ads to maintain best performers and discard the under-performers.
  • Phone call tracking to see where the call came from, what keyword triggered the ad, and how long the call lasted.
  • SKAG or Single Keyword Ad Groups which provides even more control of the campaign.
  • Unlimited Keywords. However many you want, as long as your budget can support this.
  • Mobile and desktop versions of ads.
  • Optimized Google Ad extensions which drive even more traffic.
  • Includes your Google business extension
  • Monthly reports detail every call detail.
  • Manual bid adjustments using enhanced CPC

Landing Pages

  • Can be up to 30+ pages depending on how many keywords are being used.
  • Every landing page follows the intent of the keyword and prospect greatly increasing call rates.
  • All pages are designed using your branding and service/product description. We can even design new logos and branding for you.
  • We provide all the hosting on super fast servers nearest to your location.
  • Fast loading landing pages to keep Google happy and give your visitor a hassle-free experience.
  • Easy to navigate with prominent phone numbers placed all down the fold of the page.
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop versions of every landing page.
  • Monthly A/B split testing to keep the pages fresh and optimal.
  • Only PPC traffic can click through to landing pages. These pages do not show up in organic results and are hidden from Google Search Bots.
  • Increased Quality scores lower the price paid per click.

Setup procedure

  1. PPC Fusion collects all the information needed.
  2. Create a hosting account for your domain name
  3. Connect our hosting servers to your domain registrar by setting the DNS.
  4. Build the landing pages. This can take up to 4 days to complete due to the work involved.
  5. Once the landing pages are finished its time to create the Google Ad campaign.
  6. Connect the Google Ad campaign to the landing pages.
  7. Final check to ensure all is correct.
  8. Hit the start button on your Google Ad Campaign
  9. For the first month, PPC Fusion checks the campaign daily to adjust bids and negative keywords. After a few weeks, the campaign starts to settle down, and performance picks up.

What to do now

If you think your local business could benefit from this unique all-in-one service simply give us a call or drop us an email. All our campaigns are created for small to medium-sized local businesses that need a foothold in the local online market. Not all businesses do well with Google Ads, even when managed professionally. We recognize this and will tell you if it’s not worth doing.

Join the many PPC Fusion partners today and start receiving QUALIFIED traffic and calls.


The average Google Ad advertiser wastes over 60% of their monthly budget

 “Would you hire a plumber to do your accounts? Mismanaged Google Ad campaigns cost a lot of money, and make Google even more.  PPC fusion can save you $1000’s”

More calls better quality leads

“Landing pages increase calls by up to 50% because they follow the intent of a qualified prospect and funnels them down to your phones.”

Google rewards well designed landing pages

 “Did you know that landing pages actually have an affect on the price you pay per click? If they are well designed and have all the criteria Google loves, advertisers are rewarded with lower bid prices and higher ranking”

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