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Your Success is Our Success

PPC Fusion set out to expand on years of PPC management and continue to build and develop clever landing pages. PPC Fusion was the next progressive step we could take to be able to offer this unique service to all local businesses that would like to extend their marketing online using Google Ads.

Who Are We? – PPC Fusion and Funeral Fusion 

PPC Fusion is new but our services are not by a long shot. 10 years ago David launched the founding business Manage My Click Marketing, which was was followed later by the launch of Funeral Fusion, offering funeral homes an easy way to advertise online using Google Ads.

Over time landing pages started to become a more and more popular choice to run alongside the Google Campaigns, and we started to see a big increase in call rates when used. From there Funeral Fusion created the perfect conversion funnel combination and today is the largest provider of Google Ads management for the funeral industry. 

PPC Fusion sets out to do the same, but now we can help a whole lot more people and their businesses.

PPC Fusion is a Google Partner and consists of a small team of Google professionals who like to set themselves apart from the other Google management agencies. Why? Because your success is ours. All our clients are provided with a fully supporting and a no BS transparent service. You are kept in the loop all the way.

PPC Fusion qualifies Google traffic before it reaches the landing page. Doing this dramatically increases the chances of a call and also saves up to 60% of your monthly Google Ad budget, on clicks that would never lead to a phone call, not doing this is why most advertisers will tell you Google Ads does not work!! 

PPC Fusion can help any English-speaking business that would like to run Google Ads, has a realistic budget and would like to increase qualifies calls. 

No matter what your local business is if there are people searching Google for you, PPC Fusion provides an instant All-in-One  marketing program.

David Owen – Founder of Funeral Fusion and PPC Fusion


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