Pay Per Click Funeral Home Marketing

PPC Funeral Home Marketing That Works

Cost Effectiveness.

When managed correctly PPC advertising can really benefit your local funeral home with much higher ROI when compared to other types of funeral home marketing.  At-need prospects looking for a funeral service don’t listen to the radio to find a funeral home, they rarely look in a hard copy newspaper, so being able to present your funeral home instantly in Googles paid search is fundamentally a game changer.

Another good aspect of Pay Per click is that everything is measurable. As a campaign settles and matures it produces a wealth of data. These metrics include how people are searching for you, how well campaigns ads are preforming, and conversions which lets us measure returns on your monthly investment. All these clever metrics allows us to make recommendations to you with things like budget increases.

We will always advise a slow steady start to any campaign, there is no reason to go bull horns into it. Start small, examine the data and then expand.

Targeting Only At-Need Prospects

With Pay Per Click Funeral Home advertising we are able to be very precise in how and when we target prospects through the use of keywords, demographics, schedule, locations and bidding. Being able to create such granular campaigns give us total control over every element. It provides a very powerful set of tools to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness which results in more at-need calls.

With self-managed campaign up to 60% of the monthly Ad budget can be wasted on clicks that will never lead to a call, even with Google’s automated campaigns, you would still lose money. This is because your ads are showing to the wrong people and they click, which depletes the daily budget.

Being Negative is a Good Thing

To overcome this, we have our secret sauce to your success, “negative keywords lists”. Negative keywords prevent or blocks an ad from being triggered.

An example of this would be when people search for “obituaries”.

This is the biggest money drain search term that kills funeral home PPC campaign budgets.

Hundreds of people search using “obituaries” search terms, if not blocked your Google Ad will trigger and they tend click it, however, they have no interest in your funeral services and are not going to call or purchase anything. You just lost £5 on that one click. Over the month that waste adds up.


Add the search keyword ”obituaries” to the campaigns negative keyword lists and the ad will never display or trigger to anyone using this key phrase in the future.

We use over 10.000 negative keywords and is how Funeral Fusion qualifies every visitor to your website or landing page. You can expect 98% qualified a-need prospects which will dramatically increase the chance of a call.

Landing Pages Vs Funeral Home Website

Funeral Fusion provides landing pages that are crafted in your funeral homes branding, we use different parts of the website such as your logo about page, testimonials, and of course your funeral services to create a single page. It’s a showcase. Its also what we call a funnel.  

For every keyword your Google Ad campaign targets, there will be a landing page to follow that keyword to.  Landing pages follow the original search term and the intent of the at-need prospect by funnelling them down the page and hopefully to your phone.

The Google Ads are the very top of the funnel and the bottom of the landing page is “the bottom”. It’s a very effective system. Landing pages can increase calls up to 50% more than a website. If you choose landing pages, we will host them on our own web servers and is all in the monthly fee.

Can Funeral Fusion Help Your Funeral Home or Cremation Services with PPC Marketing?

If you have a minimum monthly budget of £500 and want to get the very best return on your monthly investment, then absolutely. The only choice you have to decide is if to use our funeral landing pages or have the traffic sent to your website. If you decide to go for our landing page monthly plan, we can maximise every aspect of the campaign to give you the very best results.  If we send traffic to your website, our job is to ensure every click to your website is a targeted at-need prospect.

Funeral Fusion also provides a one time set up campaign, and you simply purchase service hours when needed.

There is no contract, plus you will have a small team of loveable experts that love what they do to help you.

Supercharge Your At-need Calls

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